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Editor’s Message By Tricia Cable

I may be alone here, but from the moment I became a mom, my life has been guided by milestones: from the bottle to solid foods, from crawling to walking, learning to talk, potty training, elementary to middle school onto high school.  Every step of the way, through each phase, we as parents make adjustments.  Some things get easier the more self-sufficient kids become, and some things get more difficult.  For me, I would say that the first decade is more physically exhausting while the second is more of a mental game.

The first year seemed to last a good 18 months with the transition from blob to tiny person.  I remember counting down the days from formula to whole milk.  The timeframe during preschool before elementary school seemed to take ten years instead of the five that actually had passed.  By the time they made it to fifth grade, everything seemed to be in real time; a day seemed like a day, a week seemed like a week, and so on.

But, from the moment they entered high school, the clock seemed to be running double time.  From freshman to sophomore took no more than six months and from sophomore to junior more like three.  We are just 18 months shy of sending our firstborn off to college and all of a sudden, I feel like our days are numbered and the numbers are moving at light speed.

I had a conversation the other day with a friend who asked me if my life had transpired the way I had planned.  Really, does anyone’s?  But the question got me to thinking.  What were my plans on the front side of my life?  What had my hopes and dreams been and how far off that path had I traveled?

I did not aspire to be a mom.  I know that sounds terrible, but I wasn’t a big fan of babies, they seemed high maintenance and expensive. (Literally laughing out loud.)   I didn’t plan on marrying so late in life.  Truth be told, I was pretty much ready to marry Eric Heiden right after the 1980 Olympic Games.  I never would have expected to stay in Florida; I would have thought for sure that I would have returned to Chicago, being a bit of a big city kind of girl.   My twenty-something self imagined an easy breezy life filled with travel and luxury, rewarding all my hard work and success with fancy cars and big houses…and oh, what an incredible disappointment that would have been.

It sounds incredibly clichéd, but life really is what happens while you are making other plans.  I thank God every day for all of the bumps and the twists and turns in the road that have led me to where I stand today.  I am humbled daily by the life that Rick and I have created together.  I am continually impressed by the children we are raising.  I am in awe of their compassion, their strength, and their voices.

So, I guess the answer to the question is, “No!”  My life has not transpired the way I planned…someone more creative and imaginative with a really good sense of humor is apparently guiding my ship and that is just fine by me.  Although truth be told, I would appreciate a little slower pace…I am not as young as I used to be!


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