Planning Downtown Maitland

Maitland Mayor Dale McDonald

Mayor Dale McDonald

The Downtown Master Plan Update, if approved, will provide a roadmap for Downtown Maitland as it grows through redevelopment.

Earlier this year, the City hosted a number of public meetings about the Downtown Master Plan Update.  The following principles emerged as a result of those crucial discussions with residents:

  • Downtown Maitland is a place that is built to deliver experiences.
  • Downtown Maitland is a neighborhood of choice.
  • Downtown Maitland is a place with a strong link to the natural environment.
  • Downtown Maitland is a place built for pedestrians.
  • Downtown Maitland is a place that embraces the arts.
  • Downtown Maitland is a place that is supported by strong neighborhoods.

These principles guide the Downtown Master Plan Update.  They are the umbrella under which the plan has developed.   The five frameworks, outlined below, are based on the six principles.

The first framework is transforming Independence Lane into a spine for Downtown Maitland.  Independence Lane, from Lake Lily Park to George Avenue, is envisioned to be the pedestrian-oriented main street for the downtown core.

Linking Downtown Maitland to the community and pedestrian-friendly streets likewise are two frameworks in the Downtown Master Plan Update.  Local streets in Downtown Maitland give priority to pedestrians and bikes.  Streets linking neighborhoods to Downtown Maitland will embody the “complete streets” philosophy.  A complete street is designed to serve a broad range of users – such as pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation providers and patrons—rather than being designed primarily for cars and trucks.

Safety and comfort on foot is the hallmark of a great downtown, so upgrades to streetscapes, sidewalks, and bike facilities are necessary to connect destinations within and outside the downtown core in a safe, functional, and comfortable manner.

The creation of a “park once” environment also is embodied within the framework.  Residents and visitors should be able to park once and be able to walk safely and comfortably to all of their destinations inside Downtown Maitland.

And, finally, Downtown Maitland will connect to public spaces such as Lake Lily and Quinn Strong Parks and to cultural amenities such as the Art & History Museums-Maitland.   By sojourning in Downtown Maitland, residents and visitors will be supporting Maitland’s arts and parks.

The five frameworks described above will provide the foundation for how Downtown Maitland is thoughtfully redeveloped based on the feedback of residents.

The City Council is expected to consider the Downtown Master Plan Update soon.

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